In Honor of Women’s History Month, Meet Some of Our Female Leaders Who Make a Huge Impact at BBI.

March is Women’s History Month, and at BBI, we celebrate all women for their exceptional contributions, achievements and leadership roles.

At BBI, we are determined to increase the representation of women in leadership roles. Meet some of them and learn more about their achievements, contributions, and what makes them exceptional.


Lisa joined BBI in 2010 and has advanced progressively through key roles, proving herself a committed company advocate.

Within Analytics, Lisa developed a best-in-class offering of syndicated and industry data platforms and has grown them into key actionable visions for our clients and sales teams.

Lisa has been vital in developing our branding, marketing, and sales. She launched communication vehicles and software platforms to afford BBI the ability and creative aspects to communicate internally and on a vast scale to our clients. She also embarked us into the social media age.

Lisa has advanced our technology platforms to higher levels in Cyber Security, ensuring BBI and all our propriety systems are completely protected. She continues to advance I.T. as the company grows and expands.

Her wealth of experience, professionalism, and enthusiasm have led our Analytics, Technology, and Marketing teams to improve and thrive consistently. 

"I have enormous gratitude and appreciation for BBI. Through the years, I have been fortunate to be surrounded by dedicated and visionary individuals. They have inspired me to want to work harder, be open-minded and think bigger on innovation on how to get it done. Seeing how BBI has evolved and being able to contribute in some ways, has been a “sweet journey.”  I am enormously thankful to Robert and Pat for all the opportunities here at BBI." - Lisa Marcellus


Stacey Rutherford started in the candy industry in 1995 and joined BBI in 2001. She works in our dedicated national Value team, mainly with Family Dollar. While most of her 25+ years in this industry have been spent in the Value channel, she has also spent time calling on grocery wholesalers, large grocery chains, various Special Markets accounts, small family-owned grocery chains, and drug retailers.

Stacy has been on the NCA’s Broker Advisory Committee for approximately 10 years. She also served on the YPN Committee from its inception until 2017. Stacy has been on the SOTIC Committee since 2016 and served on several supplier Broker Advisory Committees over the years. In October, she will be inducted into the Candy Hall of Fame Class of 2022 for her contributions to the confectionery industry and dedication.

"I’m immeasurably grateful for the relationships with not only the BBI leadership team and my colleagues who have helped me grow my book of business, but also my suppliers who have confidence in my council and the buyers who help it all come to life." - Stacey Rutherford


Lisa joined BBI in 2008 through the Pacific Brokerage acquisition. Following her father's steps, she has been working in the convenience service industry since 1990, where she discovered her love for working with customers, distributors, and manufacturers as a broker.

She successfully leads, mentors, and supports the West Vending Sales Team, helping them reach their sales goals by implementing her extensive industry expertise.

In 2020, NAMA recognized Lisa as Women In the Industry with a featured article in the In-Touch Magazine.

“After over 30 years in the candy and confection industry I love what I do! I am very proud and inspired to work for a company that’s leadership always strives to do what is good and right. We work hard to be our best and give back to those in need along the way.” - Lisa Mattias


Allison Hudson has been consistently commended for her unparalleled commitment and accomplishments in the industry. She joined BBI in 2003.

Allison manages powerhouse –Publix in many categories and has done so for over 25 years. She also manages the BBI retail services department and staff, including ISE resets teams. She is readily accessible and available, ensuring a consistent and open line of dialogue between herself and her customers. She is the recipient of a prestigious accolade: “Amazing Wins in the Grocery Channel (2019)” from Haribo.

"There is no place I would rather work than at BBI where selling candy is a way of life." - Allison Hudson


Julie joined BBI in 2016 and works directly with Dollar Tree.

She started back in 1992 working at Dollar Tree as an Allocation and Replenishment Manager in sales for housewares and pet merchandise.

From 2004 to 2015, Julie worked as a Sales Representative. She then joined BBI and is now dedicated as an Account Executive exclusively for Dollar Tree. She brings extensive experience of Dollar Tree, having worked internally with the company and learning its inner workings. Her daily motto is "do it properly and efficiently."

"Working for BBI and the Candy industry is like having your cake and eating it too. You truly get the best of both worlds!" - Julie Zirkle.


Jennifer has been in the candy industry for more than 22 years. She joined BBI in 2016 and worked her way up to successfully direct and lead a team of highly talented analysts who deliver critical market intelligence and strategic direction to our executives, relying on best-in-class business and data insights.

She brought countless levels of innovation throughout her tenure, including implementing advanced tools and software platforms. With her expertise and a positive can-do attitude, Jennifer is always ready to lead her team and together meet the rigorous data requests of our clients.

"I love BBI and our outstanding reputation in the candy & confection industry. It has been hard-earned by the Taylor family and our leadership team. The importance of giving back to both local and national communities is unparalleled and makes me proud to be part of this team." - Jennifer Conetta


Amy Torrijos has been at BBI since 2019. She is certified in Human Resources and passionate about recruiting and deploying top talent, building diverse teams, and scaling high growth.

She developed BBI’s corporate plans for a full scope of HR, including compensation/rewards & benefits, leave management, employee relations, performance management, talent acquisition, compliance, health and safety, training, and development. She serves as a trusted advisor.

"The reason I enjoy working at BBI is the passion our employees have at all levels of our company for our clients, customers and industry. Working in the Candy and Confectionery business provides a solid career for those who want to advance in it, as it is a growing industry with lots of unique products." - Amy Torrijos


Sara Perdomo has been part of the BBI team since 2014. She is an experienced Accounting Trade Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the consumer goods industry (CPG).

Sara oversees four teams of 20 employees at BBI: Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Trade Planning, and Invoicing. She holds a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) and Management certification from Nova Southeastern University.

“Working at BBI means having a second family; the company truly stands by its mission, vision and values. Being a part of the candy and confection industry just makes my job more interesting as I’m able to learn something new every day!” - Sara Perdomo


Melissa Garcia has been with BBI since 2020. She is an accomplished Florida-based marketing professional with a solid digital media strategy, branding, and marketing communications background.

Melissa supervises and oversees all communications and branding efforts. She most recently led the company’s successful 2020 complete rebrand and continues to carry out cutting-edge strategies across BBI’s digital channels and beyond.

"BBI is a great place to work. Not only was I given a white canvas to work on, giving me complete creative control, but the full support and love of a team that believes in the talent they hire. I came from the nonprofit sector, and this for-profit contributes to the community in a way I did not expect. We work hard and give back the same way. It is the best of both worlds." - Melissa Garcia


Alyssa joined the BBI team in 2018 from Compass Marketing as Director of Sales where she was responsible for client trade management, sales, and digital marketing programs of Fortune 100 companies within the Office Supply channel since 2009. 

She has expanded BBI’s customer and client bases within the e-commerce platform to grow this very important segment by developing and executing digital strategies, including but not limited to, managing site scrubs and enhanced content, web audits, promotions, sponsored ads/optimized search, email campaigns, and social media giveaways.

Along with her many years of experience, Alyssa holds a Master’s Degree in Business Management.

“Being a part of BBI has been a dream come true. Not only do I get to wake up each day and do a job that I absolutely love, but I get to work alongside brilliant and wonderful people who, in my opinion, are the best in the industry. I’m enormously proud to be part of a company that is supportive of all employees, is thoughtful, innovative, and strategic with our client’s and customers' initiatives; but more importantly, who truly cares about others and our communities by giving back. Our mission and values aren’t just words on a piece of paper or on a screen –we truly live by them, accomplish them, and do so together – one would even say as one big family!” - Alyssa Ruggieri
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