Nobody cares about snacks & confections more than we do.

Burdette Beckmann, Inc. has been representing top snack and confectionery manufacturers since 1955.


Our Services & Channels

BBI has spent decades building and expanding our portfolio in order to bring our clients a wide array of services. We also leverage our extensive experience across many established channels to provide success for our clients.


After 60+ years of service, Burdette Beckmann has gained substantially sweet experience in the confectionery and snack industries.

BBI Executive Leadership Team

BBI Executive Leadership Team


As pioneers in unique channels, BBI continues to adapt to the ever-changing landscape while maintaining its commitment to exceptional service. We think outside the box to find solutions to any challenge!

We believe in a collaborative approach to maximize your business needs. At Burdette Beckmann, we help our clients make the best choices using a unique segmented focus, all while investing in the newest technologies to enhance growth and expansion in the market.

With over 200 dedicated sales professionals nationwide, BBI deploys teams to handle an extensive array of business channels to meet all our customers’ needs. We hire only the best in the industry and enable them to deliver top notch, personalized service.


All of our lives are enriched when we make a positive impact on our communities.

Here at BBI we are deeply committed to giving back to the communities through not only corporate sponsorship but volunteerism.


When we say we're there for you, we mean it literally.

Our team understands the value of in-person meetings, and that's why we've set up multiple offices across the United States to serve our clients.