What We Offer.

BBI has spent over 6 decades establishing relationships, building new channels of trade, and growing sales. Our services reflect the hard work and expertise that has become synonymous with BBI’s success.

Sweet Service & Expert Strategies.

Whatever your needs may be, BBI is dedicated to providing superior service and building keen strategies that nurture growth and long-term brand building.

    Our Services

    We've Got You Covered.

    Our comprehensive account coverage and reporting by market experts are unparalleled.

    Complete Account Coverage

    Get The Support You Need.

    BBI provides countless possibilities supporting outside events and distributors.

    Trade Show, Convention, & Meeting Coverage

    Optimize Growth.

    Our vast and comprehensive technology uses statistics to pinpoint meaningful patterns to create predictive models.

    Data Analysis & Sales Reporting Services

    Stay up to Date.

    Order processing and up-to-the-minute tracking updates, rebate processing, and experienced professionals in SAP systems used by our clients.

    Trade Management Administration

    Relationship Assistance and Coverage.

    Expert team of Telesales professionals and the capabilities to establish excellent customer relationships.

    Telesales & Customer Relationship Management

    Our Channels


    BBI’s Grocery team has the vast experience, market knowledge, and industry relationships to put products into prime selling locations that maximize sales potential. We offer Account Executives across multiple geographic regions dedicated explicitly to the Grocery channel in order to provide the best strategies possible.

    Convenience (C-Store)

    With experience and expertise, BBI develops individual strategies for clients that capitalize on retail execution custom to Convenience Store locations. Our clients come to us for our knowledge of the market landscape and insight on consumer behaviors that help develop sales growth and long-term, executable goals. The C-Store team is dynamic, and includes sales and support professionals who are fully equipped to take on your needs.

    Special Markets

    BBI was the pioneering agency of the Special Markets (or “Specialty”) channel. Until the late 1990s, snacks and candy were only found at traditional retail venues like grocery, convenience, and value stores. But Robert Taylor, Jr. was the first to have the idea of placing snack inventory at stores that were not specifically dedicated to food. Starting with products at Blockbuster and then at sports equipment stores, Special Market sales were immediately and immensely successful. Today, we are a leading Special Markets sales agency, with products in specialty stores including but not limited to: Electronics, Automotive, Apparel, Craft/Hobby, Travel, Sporting Goods, Dining, Bookstores, Pet Stores, Office Supply, and Home Improvement.


    We offer a superior, national, one-stop-service for Vending accounts including trade show coverage, sales data management, program and promotions development. Like in the Special Markets channel, BBI is an original pioneer of Vending, and as such, offers top-of-the-line services. We utilize a field sales team of over 55 Vending/OSC specialists with proficiency building traditional Vending accounts. With coverage of over 9,000 National Vending Operators, we also reach an extended network of 1.3 million snack machines and over 2,000 emerging micro-markets nationwide.


    The BBI Value team is skilled at developing innovative methods to expand products’ full potential in the Value channel. We offer one of the largest dedicated food teams in the Value store industry. Utilizing longstanding relationships with key Value retailers, our team has a discerning eye for long-term growth and strategy that is necessary to boost clients’ success.