Special Markets

BBI was the pioneering agency of the Special Markets (or “Specialty”) channel. Until the late 1990s, snacks and candy were only found at traditional retail venues like grocery, convenience, and value stores. But Robert Taylor, Jr. was the first to have the idea of placing snack inventory at stores that were not specifically dedicated to food.
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Starting with products at Blockbuster and then at sports equipment stores, Special Market sales were immediately and immensely successful. Today, we are a leading Special Markets sales agency, with products in specialty stores including but not limited to: Electronics, Automotive, Apparel, Craft/Hobby, Travel, Sporting Goods, Dining, Bookstores, Pet Stores, Office Supply, and Home Improvement.

Exceptional Strategies, No Matter the Market.

National sales team with extensive channel expertise and understanding.
Qualified professionals with unmatched experience in the Special Markets channel.
Most trusted relationships with retailers.
Excellent relationships with manufacturers that help boost brand growth.
Creative solutions for placement and promotion in the Special Markets channel.

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