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BBI’s roots are in small format representation, pioneering the space for over 40 years. Since then, BBI has assembled a best-in-class team with diverse backgrounds, enabling our team to focus on and execute against the needs of our clients across the U.S.

Fast forward to today, BBI has the largest Vending and Special Markets sales teams in the country and is the only agency to deploy two distinct teams against these channels. BBI has strong, enduring relationships with all the decision makers at both the distributor and retailer levels, enabling end-to-end support for our clients.

In addition, BBI has developed purpose-driven offices adjacent to major Value retailers and complete account teams in each location, including sales, analytics, marketing, and logistics. Our confectionery enterprise in Value is the largest in the industry. Further, BBI has dedicated confection teams in both the Grocery and Convenience channels, leveraging our buyer relationships to deliver outsized share growth for our clients.

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As we look ahead, BBI is at the forefront of systemic changes in consumer behavior and partnering with leading retailers across all classes of trade on how to best meet the needs of the omnichannel shopper. The next generation of consumers demands a seamless and integrated shopping experience, both in-store and online.

BBI is widely recognized by our retail partners as a thought leader with respect to omnichannel strategies, particularly as it relates to the integration of distribution, promotions, and digital marketing activities.

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Key Takeaways


BBI is the undisputed leader in Special Markets, Vending, and Value brokerage in the United States.


BBI is a full-service broker that provides robust coverage across Special Markets, Vending, Value, Convenience, and Grocery channels.


BBI’s team of over 100 sales professionals is at the forefront of today’s dynamic retail landscape and omnichannel shopping trends.