Getting Things Done: Allison Hudson and BBI Grocery Channel Reap International Recognition

It is safe to say that BBI’s successes are significant this year as the honors and recognitions continue to come in. Both Storck and Haribo Inc recently awarded BBI as their company’s Broker of the Year. Haribo is also applauding one of our colleagues in particular for her impressive achievements in Grocery: Allison Hudson, BBI’s General Manager for the Florida Grocery Channel.

Allison has been consistently commended for her unparalleled commitment and accomplishments in the industry. This summer, she adds another prestigious accolade to her résumé: “Amazing Wins in the Grocery Channel (2019)” from Haribo. She is one of just six winners chosen in the US.

This win acknowledges an increase in sales compared to 2018, the addition and up-size of items, and front-end placement successes for Publix, to whom Allison has sold to for 24 years. 

Haribo, an international leader in the non-chocolate and licorice sectors, is gifting recipients with a week long trip to the company headquarters in Bonn, Germany. The winners will tour the Haribo facilities and some of their key retail venues. 

Allison has sited that communication is a crucial part of her success. “It is important to listen to what the manufacturer needs [because] what works for some retailers does not always work for others,” says Allison. Additionally, she makes sure that she is easily accessible and available, ensuring a consistent and open line of dialogue between herself and her customers.

Allison is quick to share the credit of not just this recognition from Haribo, but the success of Grocery and her team as a whole. For her, BBI’s family atmosphere and emphasis on teamwork are among the very best aspects of her role at BBI. She says the awards are just endorsements of the hard work they put in as a team. 

The work does indeed stand on its own, as is apparent by the many awards and recognitions BBI has received this year alone. Grocery has notably watched sales in major retailers like Publix continue to climb, a win that speaks for itself each year through its perpetual increase in sales. Thankfully, Grocery has remained largely untouched by the international COVID-19 crisis. In fact, it remains thriving, and numbers are even up from last year. 

Congratulations to Allison for her countless contributions and many achievements here at BBI! 

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