Awards & Recognition

At BBI, we strive to be an organization where our people can thrive. With a focus on development, flexibility, and well-being, we hire people who are among the best and brightest in the business. Our culture is about inclusion, integrity, collaboration, high performance, and philanthropy.

Candy Hall of Fame

The National Confectionery Sales Association (NCSA), was built on the pillars of education, mentoring, fellowship and recognition, and made up of individuals across all disciplines who proudly represent the confectionery category. The Association is proud to administer the Candy Hall of Fame, which honors people who have dedicated their careers to giving back to the confectionery industry.

BBI Candy Hall of Fame Inductees

Bryan Shade
Inducted in 2015

Stacey Rutherford
Inducted in 2022
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BBI Candy Hall of Fame Inductees

Robert Taylor Sr – 1995    |      Bryan Shade - 2015    |  Robert Taylor Junior -2021  |  Stacey Rutherford –  2022

Manufacturer Awards

Our leadership is often acknowledged by the clients we serve. Each year, our manufacturers nominate a broker of the year for superior performance.
Broker of The Year
Kidsmania Awards
Broker of the Year
$3M Sales Milestone Award
Kidsmania Awards
Broker of the Year (Western)
$2M Sales Milestone Award
Rising Star Award from Atkinson Candy
Brand Snacks Broker of the Year
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Broker of The Year
Broker of The Year
Broker of The Year
Broker of the Year
Broker of The Year
Broker of the Year

Corporate Philanthropy Awards

Generosity is one of our core values and drives our system of beliefs at BBI. We are actively involved with community service efforts and organizations in Florida and beyond. We’ve been repeatedly recognized for these efforts over the years.

Habitat for Humanity Broward

The Habitat Spirit of Humanity Awards celebrates Broward’s partners whose contributions have helped low-income families finance, build, and move into affordable homes.

Sheridan House

Sheridan House is a non-profit organization that helps families and children through a variety of programs. Each year the non-profit organizes its Annual Family Values 5k Walk/Run Fundraiser. BBI has not only participated in the 5K's, but we've been the top Fundraiser and the organization to bring more participants to the race.