Data Analysis & Sales Reporting Services

We simplify the complexity of retail analytics by taking complex data and turning it into insights you can use to grow your business.
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Providing Cutting-Edge Analytics

Our cutting-edge software provides retail analytics services to reveal consumer behaviors and aggregate information to anticipate trends, identify sales patterns, and enable further growth opportunities.

Additionally, we offer Sales Reporting Services through state-of-the-art solutions from NIQ Syndicated & Panel, 1010data, Kantar, Tibco, Salesforce, Blue World, Custom Data Solutions, and many more.

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Analytics + Category Expertise

Invaluable tools for making data-driven decisions to ensure maximum ROI and prepare for future market developments and changes.
Powerful analytical capabilities and tools
Current market trend opportunities
Dedicated Analysts with CPG experience and CMA certifications
NIQ data for total store departments and categories and retailers/markets

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We’re a complete retail analytics company that offers data analysis tools, holistic methodologies, and summary reporting capabilities, which give businesses competitive advantages, such as:

Leverage personalized analytics and IT resources that coincide with your brand’s needs.
Identify shopper habits, local demand and forecast lesser-known factors that influence growth.
Use software to cultivate and synthesize data while helping clients review sales patterns, opportunities, promotions, customer behaviors, industry trends, and more.
Enable insights into core business priorities like category management, marketing effectiveness, supply efficiency, store optimization, loyalty programs, shopper intelligence, and more.
Analyze a constantly changing competitive landscape and statistical trends across your particular industry.
Reveal business insights that allow retailers to improve performance and maximize sales.
Deploy Retail Analytics to review competitive pricing strategies and optimize performance.
Empower brands to make decisions based on substantial data and actionable results.

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