Trade Show Season for Our BBI C-Store Team

Back-to-back trade shows, yet all the coverage needed. BBI attended the Merchants Grocery Co., 2022 Trade Show at Charlottesville, VA, the H.T. Hackney Food Show 2022 in Myrtle Beach, SC, Church Point Spring Expo in Lafayette, LA, and Southco Trade Show in Greenville, NC.

Our dynamic C-Store team, which includes sales and support professionals fully equipped to take on our client needs, attended back-to-back trade shows to represent clients on four very well-attended shows.

Our VP C-store SE/NW, Max Weiner stated - "Really proud of the Burdette Beckmann, Inc. SE C-Store Team! Four (4) trade shows in one week! We started with Merchants Grocery, then Church Point, rounding out with Southco and Hackney in Myrtle Beach! Our team is able to handle all of this! Thanks to everyone that helped and supported us at each show!"

The Merchants Grocery Co., 2022 Trade Show

On April 5, our C-Store team participated in the Merchants Grocery Co., 2022 Trade Show at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. Our VP of Convenience, Max Weiner, and our seasoned team, including Don Compton, Chris Sprouse, and Dawn Brown, represented our team and clients.

The Merchants Grocery Company, Inc. (MGC) was founded in 1917 and currently serves over 550 Convenience stores.

H.T. Hackney Food Show 2022

On April 6-7, BBI Convenience attended H.T. Hackney Food Show 2022. This year's food show brought vendors and retailers together for cross-promotional growth potential, innovation, and excellent deals for spring. Our team included Chad Stocton, Alex Garcia, Ted Davila, Shane Gordon and manufacturers. 

H.T Hackney is one of the largest wholesale distributors in the United States, servicing over 20,000 retail locations and stocking over 30,000 products. 

Southco Trade Show 2022

Also, from April 6-7, BBI participated in the annual Southco trade show. With over 120 booths and the best promotions and programs in the industry, this event offered face time with clients and manufacturers. This year’s show was covered by Carolyn Egan, Ashley Marcellus, Coleen Thompson, Julie Wallace, and Don Compton.

Southco Distributing Company was established in 1981 and is ranked in the top 10 Convenience Store Distributors nationally and on North Carolina Business Journal’s Top 100 privately held companies list.

Church Point Wholesale Spring Expo

On April 6, Burdette Beckmann Inc C-Store attended trade show number four for the week. The Church Point Wholesale Spring Expo in Lafayette, Louisiana was covered by Steve Cohan and had an estimated turnout of up to 1000 visitors.

Church Point Wholesale CPW is a privately owned grocery distributor in Church Point, La. Their trucks deliver products to almost 1,000 retail outlets in a six-state region each week. CPW services convenience stores with candy, food service, novelty, and general merchandise.

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