Robert Taylor, Jr. Is Inducted Into the Candy Hall of Fame

The Candy Hall of Fame honors people who have dedicated their careers to giving back to the confectionery industry. The ceremony took place on October 23, in Tampa, Florida.

Twenty-five years after Robert Taylor Sr. was inducted (Class of 1995) to the Candy Hall of Fame, Robert Taylor Jr. is inducted and celebrated by his peers, coworkers, and family. 

Tampa, Florida, was this year's host city for the 2021 NCSA Annual Meeting and the 50th Candy Hall of Fame induction which lasted three days, October 22-24. The celebration started with a special cocktail hour sponsored by BBI and followed by a series of fun and enjoyable activities.

Our CEO Robert Taylor stated– "This recognition is significant for BBI as a company because it speaks about how we all proudly represent the confectionery category and your contributions to the candy industry. We've done a stellar job throughout the years, and we will continue to do so with every challenge ahead."

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