Celebrating Recognition: Kidsmania Honors BBI's Success at Sweet & Snacks Expo

BBI Northwest Retail gets special recognition during the 2023 Sweet & Snacks Expo.

We are thrilled to announce that our BBI Northwest Retail has won the prestigious 2022 Kidsmania Award. We were excited to celebrate the team's exceptional achievements during the highly anticipated industry event – the 2023 Sweet & Snacks Expo. 

The Northwest Retail team was recognized for its remarkable accomplishments. BBI's unwavering dedication and outstanding performance led the team to surpass a significant milestone—achieving over $3 million in sales. This impressive feat showcases their commitment to excellence and ability to exceed expectations.

Furthermore, we are delighted to report that our 2022 full-year sales witnessed a remarkable growth of 22% compared to the previous year. This notable achievement is a testament to our passionate team's collective efforts and our valued client' unwavering support.

John Ripley, our General Manager for Northwest, expressed heartfelt gratitude during the Expo, acknowledging the ongoing opportunities that have propelled BBI to exceed expectations repeatedly. This well-deserved recognition is a testament to our commitment to exceptional service and growth.

As we celebrate these remarkable achievements, we remain committed to pushing boundaries and embracing new opportunities. We thank the Kidsmania family, as together, we will continue to embark on another year of innovation, collaboration, and growth – constantly surpassing expectations.

Congratulations, Northwest Retail team!

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