BBI Wins Kidsmania Broker of the Year Award

The BBI Northwest team was recognized as "Broker of the Year" by Kidsmania for their outstanding sales achievement and accelerating growth across multiple channels.

This week, BBI was presented with the Kidsmania Broker of the Year award, which was overdue because of the cancellation of last year's Sweet and Snacks Show. BBI has doubled the business in just five years, surpassing $2M in sales this year.

Ted Kreder, the Kidsmania VP Sales West, stated "The Burdette Beckmann team is a dedicated group of Sales and Support staff whose diligence and excellent communication efforts help to grow our brand throughout the Northwest. The team earned this award by profitably driving growth across multiple channels, especially by doubling growth at WinCo."

Kidsmania offers and delivers one of the largest lines of candy-toy products on the market, developing over 100 different items for its candy-toy line.

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