BBI Sweeps the Storck Awards Meeting

BBI's exceptional talent and unwavering dedication were displayed at the Storck Awards Meeting as we achieved an impressive sweep, winning multiple awards.

We are thrilled to announce that Bryan Shade, Vice President of Value, was honored with Storck's prestigious Account Executive of the Year award for Dollar Tree!

Throughout the year, Bryan demonstrated remarkable success during the seasonal period, achieving an extraordinary +155% increase in sales through strategic merchandising and the introduction of new flavors. His ability to overcome obstacles, including establishing alternative distribution methods, led to an impressive +94% boost in gross sales volume. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Bryan's perseverance and expertise were instrumental in driving a phenomenal surge in sales for 2022. Moreover, his positive attitude, collaborative nature, solution-oriented approach, extensive account expertise, and respected presence in the industry have made Bryan a trusted partner to Storck and our valued customers. He exemplifies the qualities of an outstanding leader, setting a new standard for excellence.

In addition, Max Weiner, Vice President of C-Store, Tony Stogner, Vice President of Grocery - Carolinas, and Samantha Skudera, Account Executive of Special Markets, were recognized for their outstanding performances and received the prestigious High-Performance Award. Their exceptional contributions have made a significant impact on our success.

Furthermore, Chris Considine received special recognition for his invaluable assistance with the Cracker Barrel account. Chris' efforts and support were instrumental in the success of his Storck representative, who was named  Account Executive of the Year.

It was a fantastic night for BBI, so please join us as we congratulate all the winners for their remarkable achievements. Let's continue to reach new heights of success together!

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