BBI SE C-Store held Its 7th Annual Team Meeting

BBI's C-Store team gathered for their 7th annual meeting on October 24-27 at our state-of-the-art office In Chesapeake, Virginia.

Our entire BBI Southeast C-Store team gathered for their 7th Annual Year-end meeting. The event was held from Monday, October 24, through Thursday, October 27, in our state-of-the-art BBI office in Chesapeake, Virginia.

This 4-day event was packed with many activities and business opportunities. Our team met face-to-face with 30 manufacturers, discussed future strategies, and strengthened their relationships.

BBI President Pat Grant stated, "This year's event was successful for several reasons: leadership, performance, professionalism, and our associates. Our Vice President of C-Store, Max Weiner, is an outstanding leader. He is constantly elevating the team with a positive approach. The entire C-Store performance is outstanding. It is recognized internally and, more importantly, by our clients."

The team enjoyed an award and casino night, IFLY indoor skydiving, Apex Bowl, Bumper Cars, Arcade, and dinner as part of the team-building activities.

Congratulations to this year's C-Store award winners:

  • Julie Wallace - Account Executive of the Year Award
  • Ted Davila - Account Executive Most Improved Award
  • Carolyn Egan - Account Executive Driving the Business Award
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