BBI Lines Up New Executive Team for Unattended Retail and Value Channels

The latest executive changes at BBI. The organization promoted and recognized well-established associates from our Unattended Retail (Vending, Micro Markets, and OCS) and Value team.

We are excited to announce the promotion of five BBI associates that are invaluable to our organization, our Unattended Retail team (Vending, Micro Markets, and OCS), and our Value structure. Unattended Retail covers the sales transactions that take place without human interaction, so self-service stations (examples of Unattended Retail environments are – Micro Markets / Vending Machines / Kiosks/ Office Coffee Services).

Promotion: Julie Zirkle

Julie has been at the BBI Value team for six years and has been calling on Dollar Tree ever since. She brings extensive experience with Dollar Tree, having worked internally with the company and learning its inner workings. Julie has been promoted to Senior Director at Dollar Tree. She will continue to grow strategic partnerships and identify long-term growth. 

Promotion: Greg White

Greg has been at BBI for 13 years and has been part of the candy and confectionery industry for 20 years. He has been promoted to Director of Client Relationships working with Meredith Holt Shaw and our clients to grow our pipeline. He possesses a strong mindset with high-level expertise in building business development roadmaps and sales strategies. 

Promotion: Eric King

Eric has been at BBI for 11 years and part of the candy and confectionery industry for 33 years. His area of expertise has been Vending and Office Coffee. Eric has been promoted to General Manager of the Unattended Retail Team, and he will oversee a total of 36 associates. Eric has received multiple awards, including Broker of the Year, by Automatic Merchandiser.

Promotion: Mike Kelley

Mike has been at BBI for over six years and has been part of the candy and confectionery industry for 15 years. He has been promoted to Director, National Accounts due to his extensive experience in Vending/Unattended Retail, National Line Lead Management, and Corporate focused Strategic Partnerships. Mike has won several awards throughout his career, including the 2019 General Mills East Broker of the Year and NAMA Government Affairs Recognition. He is also part of various prestigious boards, including the Tri-State Automatic Merchandising Council, since 2010.

Promotion: Amy Slusher

Amy has been at BBI for 12 years and part of the candy and confectionery industry for 14+ years. Her area of expertise is project management, development, and office management. Amy has been promoted to Midwest Regional Manager and will lead her team with excellence and continue to drive profitability.

This internal group of top performers are not only well-established associates but convey loyalty and excellence to our organization.

Please join us in congratulating this exceptional team as we look forward to their success in their new strategic roles.

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