BBI C-Store at W.L. Petrey Show

BBI C-Store succeeds at the W.L. Petrey Show, exceeding sales targets and fostering strong industry relationships.

The BBI C-Store team recently attended the W.L. Petrey show on February 7th & 8th in Biloxi, MS, held at the Beau Rivage Hotel and Convention Center.

This two-day food show, serving approximately 1,800 customers across Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and Tennessee, demonstrated its commitment to delivering quality products and services to its clientele.

The show featured participation from 10 manufacturers and 6 BBI members, including Vice President C-Store Max Weiner, Sales Manager Julie Wallace, and Account Executives Don Compton, Jennifer Morgan, Josh Allen, and Teresa Lee –the account manager for this customer.

With impressive attendance from both exhibitors and manufacturers, the event highlighted the industry's collaborative spirit and dedication to fostering strong business relationships.

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