Paul Sampica Gets A Thumbs Up!

Paul Sampica (BBI Special Markets) was featured on this month's Storck newsletter!
He got their "Thumbs Up of the Month" award. It's always great to see our business partners speak highly of our team members and our company. You can find the message from Storck's newsletter below!
“Paul Sampica of BBI Special Markets and I sold in five new Storck Medium Peg items for a six month period (July 2017 - December 2017) on a front end cooler rack in all 330 Menards stores.

The cooler racks are going to have 18 pegs and the following five Storck Medium Peg Bags will be included: WO Creamy Caramel Filled, WO Soft, WO Cocoa Créme, Riesen Milk and WO SF Original. These items will be in addition to WO Hard, WO Chewy and Riesen Medium Bags currently in everyday distribution at the front of the store. Mamba 4-brick is on the front-end and WO Hard 34oz., Riesen 30oz., Toffifay 12pc. and merci FA 7oz. is in everyday distribution in back of store.

These five items are projected to deliver an additional $200K in incremental sales in the second half of 2017. Outstanding job by all!”

— John Hough, National Account Manager, Special Markets

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