Numerator's Q4 Holidays Trends & Insights

BBI analyzed Numerator's 2023 Q4 Holiday Preview to deep dive into consumer plans for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Eve celebrations.

As the holiday season approaches, Numerator's 2023 Q4 Holiday Preview sheds light on consumer sentiments and plans for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Eve. Based on a survey of 4,500 consumers conducted in September 2023, the insights provide a glimpse into spending patterns and celebrations for the upcoming festivities.


Celebration Rates: 91% of consumers plan to celebrate Thanksgiving, emphasizing its continued significance in family traditions.

Main Focus:
 Food takes center stage for Thanksgiving celebrators, with nearly nine in ten indicating they will purchase groceries for the holiday.

Shopping Preferences:
 Grocery stores dominate Thanksgiving shopping, with three-fourths of shoppers opting for these outlets. Mass retailers also attract a third of consumers.

Changing Trends:
 While traditional Thanksgiving items like turkey, rolls, and pies top shopping lists, the category has slightly declined from 15% last year to 13% this year.


Celebration Trends: Christmas celebrations remain consistent with previous years, with 93% of consumers planning to partake in the festivities.

Gifts and Decorations: Three-fourths of shoppers intend to give gifts, while two-thirds will decorate their homes or prepare special meals.

Shopping Behavior: Online retailers are expected to be the go-to for Christmas shopping, closely followed by mass retailers. Despite 69% planning to spend $200 or more, a quarter of shoppers anticipate spending less than last year.

Changing Preferences: While gifts and food remain popular purchases, intentions to buy decorations, candy, and apparel slightly declined compared to the previous year.

New Year's Eve:

Increased Celebration: New Year's Eve sees a rise in overall intention to celebrate, with gatherings, cooking, ordering in, and going out all on the upswing.

Shopping for the Occasion: Food, candy, and alcohol are popular for New Year's Eve celebrations. Candy purchases increased slightly from 16% to 17% compared to the previous year.

Preferred Retailers: Grocery stores dominate New Year's Eve shopping, capturing the attention of over half of the surveyed shoppers. Mass retailers and liquor stores follow closely behind.

Holiday Sales Highlights:

Pre-Holiday Sales Participation: Four in five shoppers anticipate participating in pre-holiday sales, signifying a strong interest in early promotions.

Thanksgiving Weekend: Nearly three-fourths of shoppers plan to take advantage of Thanksgiving weekend sales, and half are gearing up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Key Shopping Days: "Prime Big Deal Days" emerges as the most anticipated retailer-specific sale among shoppers, showcasing the evolving landscape of holiday shopping preferences.

As consumers gear up for the festive season, these insights from Numerator's 2023 Q4 Holiday Preview provide a comprehensive overview of the changing trends and preferences shaping this year's celebrations.

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