Making Lasting Impressions With General Mills, Mondelez, Jelly Belly

From left to right - Bob Simpson (President of Jelly Belly); Pat Grant (CFO BBI); Mike Beausang (Jelly Belly); Betty Kent (BBI); Tony Stogner (BBI); Rob McCubbin (BBI)

For the BBI team working the May 2013 Chicago Candy Show, the unexpected surprises of 3 major awards came as a sweet reward for hard work. The first 2 awards came from Jelly Belly and Storck as they appointed Burdette Beckmann Inc. their 2013 Broker of the Year.

Mondelez followed two days later with their announcement that they too appointed BBI Broker of the year for Mondelez Chocolate and the South East Region. General Mills finished off the trophies season by awarding BBI Midwest its Convenience Specialty Markets Broker of the Year in the west for fiscal 2013. General Mills based the award on delivering outstanding results, strategic business development and increased customer intimacy, resilience and overall market success.

Additionally BBI Northeast were presented with the Broker Special Achievement for General Mills. BBI won this extra accolade due to our strong adaptability, resilience, results and abilities to exemplify General Mills' core competency of integrity within the marketplace.

Congratulations to all the BBI divisions for all of their hard work and for helping the company achieve these major accolades.