Halloween 2023 Food & Candy Trends

A deeper dive into consumers' spending plans, preferred shopping destinations, and the factors shaping their candy and food purchases.

As Halloween enthusiasts gear up for 2023, it's evident that candy and food remain central to the festivities. Brands and retailers should take note of consumers' evolving preferences and price-conscious mindset as they prepare to meet the demands of this spooktacular season.

Notably, 34% of consumers intend to be more budget-conscious this year, opting for less costly Halloween candy in response to the current economic climate.

Image via PowerReviews

Consumers have a wide array of options when procuring Halloween candy and food—87% express willingness to explore new brands or vendors for Halloween candy. Nonetheless, the grocery store/supermarket and big box stores remain the top destinations for Halloween candy and food shopping.

Image via PowerReviews

Price reigns as the most influential factor when consumers purchase Halloween candy and food. While these treats are unquestionably Halloween staples, consumers also seek access to valuable information, including user-generated content, to boost their confidence in trying new brands and products.

Source: PowerReviews - 2023 Halloween Spending Trends Report (Based on a survey of 18,906 US consumers conducted in August 2023)

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