Dustin Adams from BBI's Grocery Florida Channel is elected a GMR Board Member 2022/2023

Account Executive for Florida Grocery, Dustin Adams, is elected a Grocery Manufacturers' Representatives board member.

The Grocery Manufacturers' Representatives (GMR) was founded in 1949, and its current membership is over 800 and growing, continuing to be a strong & relevant organization. Its mission is to foster the interaction and development of grocery industry professionals.

The Florida GMR has been an integral part of the Florida CPG community for over 70 years. It has held record-breaking forums with retail partners that have offered members key insights into their vision for growth and success. 

We extend our congratulations and best wishes to BBI's Account Executive for Florida Grocery, Dustin Adams, as he serves his 2-year term with the CPG board. A celebration event will take place on June 29 in Brandon, Florida.

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