BYNDL™ Signs BBI As National Sales Agency For The Vending Industry

Mobile managed services provider BYNDL Inc. has appointed Burdette Beckmann Inc. (BBI) as its agent to sell the BYNDL mobile payment and customer engagement platform into the U.S. vending industry.
BYNDL enables operators to provide mobile payments and in-app customer support, transforming anonymous transactions into personalized interactions. Operators can drive business benefits by extending consumer relationships beyond the point of sale with BYNDL’s mobile app. “BYNDL and BBI are a natural fit because we both understand that operators can drive business value above and beyond payments through mobility,” said Lori Salow Marshall, founder and CEO of BYNDL. “Ninety per cent of BBI’s customers run cash/coin-only machines and want to accept other forms of payment. The BYNDL service is the most cost-effective way for machines to accept credit and debit as well as PayPal and Apple Pay. Mobile payments are table stakes.”

BYNDL selected BBI because of their geographic footprint, as well as their understanding of vending operators and brand merchandising. “Understanding effective merchandising in 1.3 million snack machines and 2,000 micro markets enables BBI to better represent the value BYNDL brings beyond payments with couponing, loyalty and cross-promotions,” said Chip Kelly, president of BYNDL. “BBI impressed our team with their technical acumen and well-managed sales engagement, meeting the needs of vending operators through their field sales team of 55 vend/OCS specialists covering over 10,000 operator accounts.”

“With fewer consumers carrying cash, we view BYNDL’s mobile payments and customer engagement platform as a way for vending operators to grow their sales. BYNDL is a leading mobile payment service, but the customer engagement platform brings much more than payments alone,” said John Seeberger, vice president of BBI. “The BYNDL app gives operators a way to learn more about the consumers who buy their products, and it gives them an efficient way to capture and respond to consumer input without bothering location managers or rolling out trucks.”

BYNDL provides an open platform that can work with any mobile device, VMS, hardware, mobile app and payment processor. BBI will also sell partner hardware solutions that are compatible with BYNDL. Operators can choose the hardware solutions that best suit their needs, with the knowledge that BYNDL has the ability to work across hardware partners.

BYNDL developed its platform to help operators increase revenues, loyalty and customer engagement by leveraging the fast-growing consumer adoption of mobile technology. The BYNDL mobile payment and customer engagement platform extends consumer relationships beyond the point of sale.

Consumers can pay with their phones and report issues directly to operators through the mobile app. The platform collects consumer preference and purchase data to better understand each consumer’s history across all machines, dates and locations to provide more targeted and personalized offers.

BYNDL delivers their mobile payments, in-app customer support, and partner marketing campaigns and loyalty programs via the stand-alone BYNDL app, or through other apps or games where BYNDL software is embedded.

About BBI Burdette Beckmann, Inc. (BBI) is a sales and marketing agency that has represented confectionery, beverage and food manufacturers since 1955. The company has a countrywide sales team of professionals within the Retail, Value, Vending, Club/Drug/Mass and Special Markets channels. BBI offers its client a variety of services including: account coverage, marketing services, administrative and financial services, industry event coverage, telesales opportunities and data analysis and sales reporting.

About BYNDL Seattle-based BYNDL Inc. is a mobile managed services provider that empowers unattended retail with a mobile payment and customer engagement platform. The BYNDL platform provides a combination of mobile tools and services to drive sales, loyalty programs, demand generation and in-app customer service, providing a personalized experience for consumers at kiosks, micro markets, digital signs and vending machines. BYNDL uses mobility to transform anonymous unattended retail transactions into a tailored, high-touch, interactive experience for brands, operators and retailers to connect with their consumers. For more information, please visit

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