BBI's 4th Monster Mash: A Zoom Spookfest!

BBI's Monster Mash Halloween Zoom Party brought our team together for memorable connections, leadership insights, and the ultimate live costume contest.

On October 31st, BBI hosted its 4th Monster Mash, a unique Halloween Zoom Party. The event was an exciting opportunity for our entire team to participate in a lively costume contest. This year was particularly special as we welcomed and introduced our BBI Retail Southwest team.

The virtual gathering featured updates from leadership, fostering connections among team members, and a live vote for the ultimate costume contest. Categories ranged from the traditional best costume to unique ones like best team costume, scariest costume, best themed or hilarious costume, pet costume, and even baby costume.

Emphasizing the significance of culture at BBI, this Halloween bash provided a quarterly opportunity for employees to come together, have fun, and stay informed about the industry's current state.

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2023 costume contest! The gallery below offers a visual treat and a glimpse of the creativity and camaraderie that marked this spooktacular event.

🧟 BEST COSTUME | Winner: Cheryl Diaz Costume: Greta Gremlin
☠️ SCARIEST COSTUME | Winner: Kyrian Carrandi | Costume: The Norse Witch
🤖 TEAM COSTUME | Winner: Accounting Team | Team Costume: BBI Witches
👻 THEMED | FUNNY COSTUME | Winner: Chavelis Reyes | Costume: Garden Witch
🍼  BABY COSTUME | Winner: Wyatt Hudson Costume: Bam Bam from the Flintstones
🐕 PET COSTUME | Winner: Milo | Costume: Nacho Taco
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