BBI Wins Broker of the Year Award Again!

General Mills Inc. announced their 2016 Vending East and West Regions Convenience Special Markets Brokers of the Year award recipients during the NAMA OneShow in Chicago.
Accepting the awards were Tom Ganley of BBI Pacific and Kevin Boland of BBI Southeast. The award criteria reflects General Mills core Sales Competencies, which include: Delivering Outstanding Results, Playing to Win, Customer Expertise, Selling and Influencing, Adaptability and Resilience, and Winning as a Team.

General Mills recognized Tom and Kevin, supported by their individual teams, for demonstrating ìBest in Classî broker characteristics and results. The Burdette Beckmannís Southeast team was led by Kevin Boland. Cyndi Brodt, General Mills East Region Sales Manager, praised Kevin for demonstrating a strong bias for action. Delivering on short and long term commitments and adding value from his expertise in the Vending industry.

ìThis is another outstanding year for Kevin and his team. They have completed back to back years of growth in the Southeast region,î said Cyndi Brodt. Brodt also added, ìWinning as a team is evident in the Southeast. Kevinís team has shared success stories and solid wins all year long thanks to their hard work and focus.î   These accomplishments made BBI Southeast an excellent choice for Broker of the Year for General Mills.

In the West Region, Mark Kelley, General Mills West Region Sales Manager, was quick to point out that BBI Pacificís leader, Tom Ganley, displayed remarkable calm while undertaking what for others might have been unsurmountable challenges. ìTomís quick ability to identify and create effective strategies were key to winning in a complex and challenging marketplace in 2016,î said Kelley. Kelley went on to say, ìTomís patient and clear approach when motivating his personnel brought his team together to collectively deliver outstanding results and just as importantly, set up the organization to succeed in the years to come.

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