BBI Sponsored Homes for Single Moms Via Sheridan House Ministries

Sheridan House, BBI, and other key donors were part of the Single Mom Transitional Housing Dedication on August 28 in Davie, Florida

On Saturday, August 28th, Sheridan House Family Ministries, alongside BBI as a donor, other sponsors, and guests, hosted a combined dedication of (3-unit building) Triplex 2, Triplex 3, and a Duplex 1 as transitional housing for single moms.

BBI has been actively involved with Sheridan House and the construction of these new homes. Generosity is one of our core values and drives our beliefs. The primary purpose of the Sheridan House program is to help women who have nowhere to turn. Sheridan House's new homes will accommodate 11 single moms living on the property and approximately 20-23 children.

The program also offers single moms intensive group training in finances, parenting, resume preparation, interviewing skills, meal planning on a budget, and more. This training aims to equip these moms with the knowledge necessary to succeed in life. Rather than simply supplying a "hand out," they strive to offer a "hand up." Learn More.

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