BBI Serves at LifeNet: Pre-Thanksgiving Day

Our team made a meaningful impact at LifeNet4Families by volunteering at their pre-Thanksgiving event.

On November 22, BBI demonstrated its commitment to the community by participating in a pre-Thanksgiving serving day at LifeNet4Families, an organization dedicated to aiding Broward County's chronically homeless and food-insecure individuals.

LifeNet4Families focuses on food, nutrition, health, wellness, and stability. The day before Thanksgiving is particularly crucial for the nonprofit, and our team of around 15 volunteers played a vital role in prepping, cooking, and serving hot meals for those in need, in addition to supporting the pantry's operations.

The experience of serving the less fortunate on the eve of Thanksgiving served as a poignant reminder for the BBI team. It provided a perspective on the lives of those with limited resources, emphasizing the gratitude they express when someone shows up to volunteer and care.

As part of our ongoing efforts, BBI also recently donated 6 portable showers, helping the organization extend essential services to the community.

It was an honor to represent the BBI at this heartwarming pre-Thanksgiving event, reinforcing our commitment to positively impacting our communities. 

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