BBI Invests in Dollar General's - Popshelf

National sales agency Burdette Beckmann Inc. continues to invest in the Dollar General stores and their new brand – Popshelf.

Dollar General's new store concept - Popshelf, aims to engage customers with a fun, affordable, and stress-free shopping experience. BBI was one of the Sales Agencies tasked with filling all consumables sections at Popshelf. We currently represent several of our clients at Popshelf, and our coverage includes candy, nostalgia, salty, cookie, cracker, nuts, jerky, protein, breakfast, grocery, check out, energy, and seasonal.

Alex Miller, a BBI Account Executive, has been diligently working on adding brands to Popshelf while growing the seasonal business at the 17,000 Dollar General stores. Alex, who was recently promoted to Senior Account Executive, worked very closely with the stores and clients and was instrumental on the new store stocking for the Grand Opening at Popshelf.

“Launching a new and successful chain during a pandemic is incredibly courageous. BBI has an obligation to support that expansion with additional investment,” said Robert Taylor, CEO of BBI.

We are very proud of our team members and their accomplishments. Their aggressive nature to gain distribution for our clients aligns with the BBI personality, and we can’t wait for their continued success in the Value channel.

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