BBI Explores SuperZoo 2023 Pet Trends

Las Vegas hosted the largest North American pet retail event, SuperZoo, from August 16-18, 2023, at Mandalay Bay.

SuperZoo 2023, featuring over 1,100 exhibitors and drawing a crowd of more than 20,000 attendees, provided a unique opportunity for BBI. Our representation included Mason Dye, Account Executive for Dollar Tree, and Brantley Taylor, Account Executive for Family Dollar.

This event was especially significant as it allowed us to deepen our understanding of the thriving pet retail industry and spot emerging trends.

Our presence at SuperZoo underscores our dedication to effectively serving our clients in this space. With several brands already under our wing, our commitment to excellence in pet retail is evident. SuperZoo further solidified our expertise and affirmed our position in this dynamic industry.

As we continue representing our clients and exploring new horizons, the insights gained at SuperZoo 2023 will undoubtedly enhance our capabilities and drive further success.

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