BBI C-store Team Hits High Notes at Charles Parks Trade Show

BBI's success at the Charles Parks Trade Show signals a promising start for the 2024 trade show calendar, with Impressive Sales Achievements.

The BBI Convenience Store team kicked off the year with a resounding success at the Charles C. Parks Trade Show, held from January 23 to 25 in Murfreesboro, TN.

The event, renowned as the Partners in Profit Trade Show, attracted industry leaders and key players, offering the ideal platform for networking, collaboration, and business growth.  

BBI's overall highlights from the trade show included surpassing sales figures from 2023 and exceeding its sales targets for the event, defying economic uncertainties from the previous year. This achievement speaks volumes about the resilience and adaptability of the BBI team in navigating market dynamics and delivering value to customers.

Julie Wallace, Sales Manager SE C-Store, led the BBI delegation, along with Account Executives Teresa Lee, Teresa McDowell, and Jennifer Morgan. Their presence underscored BBI's commitment to forging strategic partnerships and maximizing opportunities in the convenience store sector.

Customers showed strong purchasing intent, indicating a favorable market environment and contributing to the trade show's overall success. Charles C. Parks Co., the trade show host, boasts a rich legacy as a full-service convenience store distributor since 1934. They serve convenience stores across seven Southern states, operating from their warehouse and office facility in Gallatin, Tennessee.

With this triumphant start at the Charles Parks Trade Show, BBI sets a promising tone for the rest of the 2024 Trade Show calendar. As they continue to navigate the evolving landscape of the convenience store industry, BBI remains committed to delivering exceptional service and fostering lasting partnerships with distributors and customers alike.

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