BBI Announces Next Charitable Endeavor - BBI Village, a New Affordable Housing Community

BBI Village - an entire affordable Habitat community in Broward County that will transform the lives of 20 families and help them achieve their dream of becoming homeowners.

At BBI, giving back is a core value. We are excited to share our next charitable endeavor - BBI Village, a new affordable housing community in partnership with Habitat for Humanity in Broward County.

With the current affordable housing crisis affecting many families across the country, BBI decided to take action and help provide a permanent, stable, and safe community transforming the lives of 20 families in need.

 BBI Village will sit on a 1.412-acre property and create permanent homes for 96 individuals, including 72 children, in the heart of Fort Lauderdale. The townhomes will be divided into ten duplexes that will accommodate families of 4-6.

Thanks to the partnership of the City of Fort Lauderdale, BBI Village will break ground in fall 2022 and successfully completion of the project within 24 months (2023-2024).

Habitat for Humanity does not give homes away. Applicants undergo a rigorous review and are selected based on need and income, willingness to put in 300 hours of sweat equity, make a modest down payment, and attend educational programs. They also need to have the ability to repay an affordable, zero-interest mortgage of no more than 30% of the total household income, including insurance and taxes.

BBI CEO Robert Taylor stated: "People deserve the opportunity for true self-sufficiency, economic empowerment, and affordable housing. I hope you are all as excited as I am about our new project; BBI Village will forever change the lives of hardworking families for years to come. We are all part of the BBI Village."

To date, BBI, including the Taylor Family, has sponsored 20 homes giving close to 100 individuals a safe, decent, and affordable home. Additionally, in 2019 BBI sponsored the Bob and Sherry Taylor Park that knits the Rick Case community together.

We are excited about BBI Village, a 20-townhome community paving the way for the next generation in the evolution of affordable housing. We look forward to the positive impact this project will bring to our community.

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