BBI Announces Multiple Promotions for 2024

BBI is proud to launch 2024 with strategic promotions, recognizing exceptional talent and commitment to excellence. Meet the rising stars driving our success!

As we embark on a new year, BBI is proud to announce a wave of strategic promotions, reflecting our commitment to fostering and recognizing exceptional talent across channels and departments. Meet our accomplished team members who are taking on new roles and enhancing our organization's success.

Lindsay Grant
Account Executive
Grocery - Florida

Lindsay joined BBI in 2021 and quickly excelled as a Support Administrator in the Special Markets channel. Her exceptional contributions include assisting with key accounts and completing a record number of new item forms for retailers.

Recognized as a team player, Lindsay extends support behind the scenes and on the show floor, assisting fellow admins and account executives whenever needed. Simultaneously handling a portfolio of Special Markets accounts, she built a robust knowledge base that positions her for the next step in her career.

We are happy to announce that Lindsay will now assume the role of Account Executive for the Grocery channel, managing current clients at Publix with a proactive approach to establishing new client relationships. Leveraging her insights from Special Markets, Lindsay is set to enhance procedures and strategies in the grocery channel.

Allison Hudson, Vice President of Grocery, stated, “We are truly excited to welcome Lindsay to the Grocery channel. Her dynamic energy and eagerness to learn ensure her success for years, fortifying and enriching our team.”
Pat Grant, BBI President, stated, “BBI remains committed to investing in the Publix clients. Lindsay earned a promotion through hard work and professionalism on the Specialty team.”
Sharon Rivera-Kelly
Director of Special Markets

Sharon’s remarkable journey with BBI began in 2007 as a temporary invoicing associate in the Hollywood, FL, office. Rapidly excelling, she assumed diverse customer service tasks across warehousing, receptionist duties, and trade planning. In 2012, she relocated to Orlando, FL, where she specialized in full-time trade planning across all channels of trade.

Sharon pioneered the role by identifying a need for sales support, shaping the functions of support admins today. In 2017, she became Sales Support Manager, leading a team that helps Special Markets Account Executives. She also manages key clients and coordinates special events such as the annual Special Markets Meeting and the Sweets & Snacks dinner.

With an impressive 16-year tenure at BBI, Sharon’s ownership and commitment shine through every project. Her contributions to sales support, process development, and collaborative teamwork resonate across multiple teams, earning her team’s unwavering trust—a testament to her exceptional work ethic and leadership.

We proudly announce Sharon’s promotion to Director of Special Markets, where she will continue to guide and supervise the Sales Support Team, ensuring their ongoing success. Furthermore, she will take on additional responsibilities in client management and assume leadership roles in various areas.

Andy Dixon, VP of Special Markets, stated, “Sharon has played a crucial role in the ongoing success of the Special Markets team. Her dedication to volunteering, supporting, and leading various tasks has proven invaluable. Sharon’s commitment and enthusiasm are certain to significantly impact the success of the team and organization as a whole.”
Pat Grant, BBI President, stated, “A well-deserved promotion, Sharon Rivera-Kelly is the “rock” of our Special Markets team. From day one, she took charge and was an exceptional Special Markets sales support leader. We eagerly anticipate her continued success as the Director of Special Markets.”
Krista Harper
Customer Service Manager

We are pleased to announce the promotion of Krista Harper to Customer Service Manager. Krista has been an integral part of the BBI team for over 10 years. During her tenure, she has continually taken on increasing responsibilities, progressing from her initial role as Customer Service Associate to Team Leader and reaching the position of Customer Service Supervisor. Krista's contributions have played a pivotal role in successfully expanding our C-Store and Special Markets Channels. She has been instrumental in assembling our best-in-class team of customer service associates..

Osmel Hernandez, Director of Customer Service & Facilities Management, stated, "Congratulations, Krista. Your unwavering leadership and professionalism are unparalleled!”
Pat Grant, BBI President, stated, “In recognition of her outstanding professionalism and extensive knowledge in customer service, Krista Harper has earned a well-deserved promotion to Customer Service Manager.”
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