BBI and Habitat Broward: Impactful Journey & Milestones

Habitat for Humanity Broward marks 40 years of building homes, nurturing communities, and instilling hope, joined by BBI as partners and securing state funding to advance affordable housing.

Habitat for Humanity Broward Celebrates 40 Years of Building Dreams

Habitat for Humanity Broward commemorates four decades of unwavering commitment to creating homes, fostering communities, and inspiring hope. Since its inception in 1983, the organization has been at the forefront of addressing Broward County's housing crisis, where 94% of families are excluded from homeownership due to the burdensome housing market.

BBI (Burdette Beckmann Inc.), a strong supporter and partner of Habitat Broward, has played a pivotal role in sponsoring families within the South Florida community. Under the leadership of BBI's CEO, Robert Taylor, 1st Vice Chair and a former board chairman for Habitat Broward, BBI has built 24 Habitat homes over the past 12 years.

"We're breaking ground in September on a 20-home village called BBI Village in Fort Lauderdale that will be the biggest one we've done with Habitat in one fell swoop," stated Robert Taylor.

The impact of Habitat's work is best captured by the inspiring journey of Theo Lyons and his family. Since receiving their home in A Rick Case Habitat Community, they have achieved educational milestones and stability. Lyons reflects, "Habitat made that dream of homeownership a reality for us. It's brought stability to our home, marriage, and children. And we're super grateful for participating in the program and for our sponsors: Robert Taylor and BBI."

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Stake Your Claim - The Habitat Journey towards Homeownership

As an integral part of the Habitat Broward program, prospective homeowners must undergo a 12 to 18-month educational journey that equips them with essential life skills and financial literacy for successful homeownership and community engagement. After reaching the program's midpoint and fulfilling requirements like class attendance, home downpayment, and sweat equity hours, participants qualify for lot assignments. Ultimately, those who persevere and successfully complete the program achieve their dream of homeownership.

Witness below the emotional moments as two remarkable families receive their lot assignments for their future homes:


Habitat Broward Secures $540,000 in State Funding to Launch BBI Village

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has approved $540,000 in State funding for Habitat for Humanity Broward, marking an unprecedented achievement for the organization.

The funds will be instrumental in launching the 'BBI Village' project in Fort Lauderdale, an affordable housing community to benefit hardworking families in Broward County, providing them with decent, affordable housing opportunities. The project has garnered support from various entities, including BBI, the City of Fort Lauderdale, and Broward County.

Nancy Robin, CEO and Executive Director of Habitat Broward, expressed her gratitude, stating, "We thank Representative Chip LaMarca and Senator Rosalind Osgood for advocating on Habitat Broward's behalf for this unprecedented funding, and we thank the State for recognizing the impact of affordable homeownership on the community.

Given South Florida's housing challenges due to high costs and low wages, Habitat Broward's program offers a beacon of hope. Through home construction, affordable mortgages, and comprehensive education, working families find a path to lasting financial stability via homeownership.

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BBI Village

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