5 Families Become Habitat Homeowners In Pompano Beach

BBI president, Robert Taylor Jr., who serves as the chair of Habitat for Humanity of Broward, was featured on the news this month in regard to the five new Habitat for Humanity homes that were recently finished.
After thousands of hours of work and over 100 volunteers, five families were able to become homeowners in Pompano Beach, Florida!
When asked about the new homeowners Robert replied; “Every one of them has worked very, very hard to get to these homes,” he said. “These homes aren’t given away. They earn them. They have to qualify, they have to give 300 hours of work. Then they have to continue to take classes of home ownership and finances, and then finally they’re presented with a home that they’ve earned their way into, and then they purchase it. So it’s an extended process.”

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