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We take Telesales and Customer Relationship Management to the next level at BBI – and keep you there too. While most brands usually limit Telesales services to selling products and services via phone, we reach out to potential new customers and keep satisfied customers engaged by phone, text, and email. We’ve perfected Telesales tactics, techniques, and methodologies to generate leads and drive revenue effectively and efficiently without the need to integrate third-party platforms because our system is ready to deploy.

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State-Of-The-Art Technology, Comprehensive Customer Coverage.

We use world-class solutions in tandem with superior customer service to gain insights into the geographic dispersion of consumers, how you can differentiate from competitors, and more, including:

  • Over 60 years of Telesales experience gives us extensive retail industry knowledge.
  • An expert team of Telesales professionals with custom CRM tools.
  • Over 15,000 touchpoints annually, including inbound, outbound, and email communications.
  • Implementation of the software 8x8, a secure and reliable communications platform with cloud-based software like Salesforce.
  • Access our broad trade channel expertise in grocery, distribution, vending, micro-markets, independent c-stores, hospitality, hardware, and more.
  • Account management capabilities, proven to increase sales and create long-lasting customer relationships you can rely upon to fine-tune your brand and anticipate consumers’ ever-changing preferences and attitudes.
  • Working with your field representatives and distributors to deliver excellent and cost-effective results.

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Learn more about how BBI’s Telesales services can improve your business’s ability to reach out to more consumers at the right moments, maximizing sales and brand growth in one system.

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