October Was All About Hope, Faith, & Strength!

October is a festive time of the year; often known for the fall season and the spooks of Halloween.
However, it’s the observance of something greater that makes the month so important to us.

Every year in October, an international campaign is organized to increase awareness of breast cancer and raise funds for research to prevent its cause and seek a cure. Appropriately named, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October is a reminder of the importance to educate people about early screening, tests, and tools to fight against the disease.

At our BBI Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood offices, we participated in month-long activities to raise funds for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF)! These activities included a penny war, bingo, raffles, jewelry and pie sales, and more.

This month is especially important to various BBI team members whom donated in honor of those that are currently fighting cancer or have lost the fight to it.

Collectively, we were able to raise $2,095.05 this year!

Since 2015, we accumulated over $15,000 in donations to BCRF and their fight to prevent breast cancer. We are proud of this progress and look forward to the impact BBI can have on the fight against breast cancer.

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