New Investments in Value Channel for BBI

BBI is investing and improving our Dollar Tree and Family Dollar Teams again.
Over the last several months, BBI has opened and built out a 9,000 sq. foot facility within a few blocks of the new Dollar Tree headquarters.

This new facility will be complemented with customers service staff, sales support staff, logistic management, sales staff and our leadership team. Within the facility you will find adequate workspace for you during your trips to Chesapeake--- stop by and see us for a cup of coffee. Our facility will have two separate sample rooms for each brand: Dollar Tree and Family Dollar. This will enable us to manage the two chains under one roof and with the synergy that the customer is expecting. BBI has also invested in a complete 1010 data capability at Family Dollar and analysts to support the data needs of both clients and the customer. With 1010 at Family Dollar, BBI is a Beacon Member that has provided significant Nielsen, Numerator, Panel Data and many other tools that help clients develop and grow brands in the new and expanded Dollar Tree and Family Dollar corporation. BBI is also positioned to implement, measure and provide store tests as needed by clients. “We are excited with our new facility and sale capabilities for the Dollar Tree Corporation --- with these new capabilities we have enhanced every clients’ ability to grow in this consolidated customer structure,” per Bryan Shade, Sr. VP BBI Value. Robert Taylor, Jr, CEO of BBI was also very positive about the new capabilities “The new investments of infrastructure, data and human capital will be added on top of the already existing Best In Class Dollar Tree team will pay benefits to our Client Brands for years to come.”

In addition to the new Chesapeake investments, BBI will maintain access and capabilities in Charlotte with sales support and administration. BBI will maintain the McLane process in Charlotte as well as the need to be in the Mathews facility for ongoing business and administration requirements.

About Burdette Beckmann, Inc.

Established in 1955, Burdette Beckmann, Inc. is a sales and marketing agency for the CPG industry. With offices located across the country, BBI is well-positioned in key locations to serve major manufacturers and retailers. BBI is committed to providing exceptional service and results for our clients and to making a difference in our communities through its corporate sponsorships and philanthropic works.

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