BBI's Tony Stogner Recognized In Storck's Monthly Newsletter!

Tony Stogner (BBI Grocery) was featured on this month's Storck newsletter!
He got their "Thumbs Up of the Month" award. It's always great to see our business partners speak highly of our team members and our company. You can find the message from Storck's newsletter below!

"Tony Stogner and team have done a fantastic job on the Storck business this year. We gained +3 new items in the May reset: 34oz, Cocoa Creme and Toffifay across +1000 Food Lion stores thanks to Tony's diligence. On top of that, Tony helped to secure a 4 week new item rack on Toffifay, giving us secondary merchandising in all stores at the height of the media, during the months of May and June! Thanks to Tony's efforts, we also recently became a part of a 15 store test on Mamba 3 brick. Successful execution of the test would have us in all Food Lion stores and ultimately Mamba's largest grocery customer in the Southeast. Our Food Lion business team is +39% in gross dollars YTD and we know with Tony's leadership this will continue to grow!"

- Courtney Robinson, South Region Sales Manager, Storck

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