BBI Wins Goetze's President Award!

Burdette Beckmann and its Mid-Atlantic market achieved the Goetzeís President Award at this yearís Sweets and Snacks Expo!
This is triumphant win for BBI as itís the highest award that Goetzeís gives. The team (Janet Castelow, Don Compton, Chris Sprouse, Max Weiner, and Heath Hayes) received their 3rd Chair and they are honored for this recognition.

During last week's Sweets and Snacks show, our newest team members from S&L Brokerage were recognized by Kidsmania for the outstanding achievement of reaching $1M sales for the full year of 2015. Many congratulations to John Dougher, Steve "Stoney" Stonehocker, and Bonnie Hippenstien; all 3 of them joined the BBI team in January!

Congrats to Betty Kent who was recognized by Lindt as the Broker of the Year for "Winning at the Shelf" for her great work at Harris Teeter this year. This was presented at the Sweets and Snacks Show in Chicago. Last September Betty added 11 new items to Harris Teeters POG giving her a total of 31 bars and bags, one of the top sets in the country for Lindt. Betty also had an outstanding year on seasonal growth registering double digit increases.

Lindt is the number 3 confection supplier to Harris Teeter and this accomplishment was a great win from Betty!

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