BBI Village

The Challenge: Broward is now the most cost burdened housing market in the nation with just 8 percent of residents able to afford to own a home. The result is:

A perpetual cycle of dependence
Workforce shortages
Economic inequity
Poor health and safety outcomes

The BBI Village Solution: BBI Village will sit on a 1.412-acre property and create permanent homes for 96 individuals, including 72 children in the heart of Fort Lauderdale. The townhomes will be divided into ten duplexes that will accommodate families of 4-6. We are excited about BBI Village, a 20-townhome Habitat community paving the way for  the next generation in the evolution of affordable housing. We look forward to the positive impact this project will bring to our community.

BBI Groundbreaking

The BBI Village Groundbreaking ceremony in Fort Lauderdale took place on September 9, 2023. It marked the beginning of construction for BBI Village, a new  Habitat Broward Community, which will provide homes for twenty families—the event aimed at addressing the housing crisis in the county.

Robert Taylor, our CEO, emphasized that this initiative goes beyond constructing homes; it's about building futures. By next year, what was once an empty lot will  be transformed into a 20-townhome neighborhood, offering a new home to nearly 100 people in the community.

Groundbreaking News Coverage

Construction Volunteer Activities

Time FrameActivity(s)FrequencyCapacity*
AnytimePaint Easter Exterior Wall1 day50
Saturday, April 20thCEO Build: High Hats & Wall Furring1 Sat60, 6-10 per home
Feb/March '24High Hats and Wall Furing1 Satwhat not completed CEO Build
April '24Fi-Foil and Wall Furring3 Sat5-8 per home up to 60
June/July  '24Interior Paint and Baseboards3 Sat6-10 per home up to 60
Aug/Sept '24Cabinetry Install-Finish Work1 dayBBI only 6 people
Aug/Oct '24Landscaping (flex on timing)1-2 Satsup to 100 people
*Volunteer Activities must be led. BBI receives priority, however capacity is reliant on how many leaders and the required supervision per leader per task. We are building on multiple sites and have limited trained staff and leaders. In addition 2 story eliminates traditional exterior paint and roof.

Engagement, Fundraising Opportunities and Key Events

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